Friday, March 18, 2011

Debuted on Local News TV Program!!

Hi Everyone!!
As the title says, our project team was featured in one of the TV program "CHECK News" ch6 yesterday at 5pm!!(just a little bit though...)

Of course you guys have checked it out right??
・・・・・・・・・・・・what? No?

I've recorded the TV so that I can share with you guys!!
BUT, the qulity is not THAT good cuz I recorded on my phone...
anyways better than nothing!!
By the way, the memebr feartured on in this interview is our donation group's leader born-to-be high spirit girl, Sachiko Ishibashi!! Good job Sachi!!

Well, I think I keep you waiting long, so... this is the video!!

How was it!??
It's too short...?? well... I told ya...
We make importance on quantity rather than quality just so you know.

...Did you notice something wrong in the video?

Yea her name!! Not Sachiko VASHI but Sachiko ISHIBASHI!!!!

somehow the reporter must've misheard Sachiko.
She became famous as Sachiko Vashi... well it can't be helped so admitt it Sachi.
You are Ms. Vashi from now on.

Sorry that I got sidetracked.
Even though the video was too short, I hope the viewers got our messeage.
We, as a relief project team for this disaster, want to tell you that we are doing this project because even if this is not gonna make the whole country change, we want to make some actions that can make our mother country Japan smile.

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