Sunday, March 20, 2011

Canadian Red Cross is with Us!!!!!!

Good morning everyone!!

I have an important news to tell you today.
We finally got a backup support from Canadian Red Cross  few days ago!!

We actually have been negotiating with them about what they can do for us and what we are supposed to do for them if we got the support.
Fortunately, they are actually willing to help us out and so negotion went really smoothely.
So now we have a support from Canadian Red Cross.
All the donation we grecieve will go to Canadian Red Cross, and Canadian Red Cross will transfer the money to Japanese Red Cross later on.

We would like to say thank you to Canadian Red Cross for all your understanding and full full support for us.

Also, thanks for those who were involoved in this task, Song, Yoshi, and Mai!!
 You guys rock!!

We will keep you guys updated on fund raised on each day  from now on too!!
Please check it out!!

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